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About the artist


    Fine artist

A Artist with a profound connection between her heart, soul, and the world of creativity, is a true embodiment of passion and artistic prowess. Her artistic journey spans various mediums, where each brushstroke carries a piece of her soul, intricately woven into her handmade creations.

In 2015, Riya embarked on her artistic journey as a freelance artist,introduce her brand, Rikreon (Riya creations). For the past nine years, she has been tirelessly honing her craft, infusing her work with a sense of tranquility and peace that touches the hearts of those who encounter it. 

With a penchant for exploring different mediums, her artistic palette knows no bounds. sketching, acrylics and oils the delicate strokes of brushes are just a few of the diverse tools she wields to create her masterpieces. Her portfolio reads like a rich tapestry of art, featuring mesmerizing portraits that capture the essence of her subjects and 3D compositions that breathe life into her creations. an indescribable emotion, and a touch of magic that ignites the soul of the viewer.

Her art is more than mere paintings; it's a journey into the boundless realms of creativity where colors dance, shapes come alive, and emotions find their voice. For Riya Kuchhal, art is not just a part of her life; it is her life and dedication of an artist who paints with both her heart and her hands.

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